Turncole Wind Farm


The Dengie peninsula has many characteristics which make ideal for siting wind farms. It is relatively sparsely populated, so we will be able to maintain a good separation distance of hundreds of metres between turbines and homes. The data collected from the met mast has demonstrated excellent wind speeds, the site is situated close to a grid network making it easy for distributing the power produced from the wind farm and the primary land use is for farming, which will be able to continue as normal around the turbines.

Maldon District Council is the planning authority with responsibility for determining wind farm schemes. We have taken the policies set out in the Council's Local Plan into account when siting and designing the wind farm.

The Local Plan for Maldon acknowledges that "Maldon, as a coastal district, has a greater potential to exploit the wind than any other source of renewable energy."

In the UK as a whole, just 7% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, but the ambitious target is to generate more than 30% from renewables by 2020.